Parade Harness

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Elevate Your Look With This Stylish and Durable Parade-Ready Harness.

  • Chrome Hames with shiny finish stainless steel balls and adjustment ladders
  • Glossy square blinders with spotting around edges and flower-shaped spotting in the centre
  • All hardware is non-rusting stainless steel (including side check chains and breast snap)
  • 3-strap spotted breeching
  • Anti-slip hook Hame straps
  • D-rings for shaft loop attachments on back pad
  • Tugs with heel chains
  • Team (or single) lines with buckle and billet
  • Jointed snaffle bits
  • Crupper (encircles horse’s tail)
  • Amish-made quality harness

-Hames ARE included
-Collars are NOT
The Hames should be the same size as what your horses wear their collar.

TEAM: Comes with Hames included
SINGLE: Comes with Hames Single Lines and Shaft Loop attachment


$2,995.00 CAD

This is the Fancy Harness that steals the show in the parade or the show ring!

Impressive shiny stainless steel “parade spotting” embellishes your Amercian-made BioThane harness from nose to tail. Unique medallions on the face blinder and hip drops are an extra special touch.

It’s as durable as it is decorative. Made with Amercian-made BioThane, it’s as strong as leather but much easier to maintain. This keeps you looking your best. With a semi-gloss finish and imprinted leather grain, you’ll get all the style benefits of real leather without the maintenance hassles.

This complete Parade Harness set is made for your team or single horse and comes with everything you need to be camera-ready.

-Hames ARE included
-Collars are NOT
-The hames should be the same size as what your horses wear their collar.

Horse Size Measuring Guide

To measure a horse, you should make sure they are standing on an even surface and measure from the ground directly up to the highest point on their withers (A), as shown on the image below as a reference.

Mini Cart
Up to 39" (at withers)

Pleasure Cart
60" and up (at withers)

Weight 99 lbs
Body Width  26” 
Shaft Length  48”

Weight 158 lbs
Body Width  32”
Shaft Length  54” - 64”

Light Horse
Weight  140 lbs
Body Width  32”
Shaft Length  78” - 84”’