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Our Basic Driving Clinic – is it right for you…

Well, if you’re looking for a dynamic day spent with other horse enthusiasts and a few gentle giants… you’ve come to the right place. Our basic driving clinic provides hands-on experience in how to safely harness and drive your horse (or horses) so both of you are safe and comfortable.

But what to expect for the day? Learning to drive is a wonderful opportunity to do something special. It allows you to experience the outdoors in a way most people don’t have the chance to. 

It’s understandable if you’re hesitant. These horses are big and driving a single horse or a team might seem daunting; especially if this is your first time being in control of them. 

But the fun you’ll have and the sense of accomplishment you’ll feel after you step down from taking them and the wagon around the field (with an instructor – we won’t let you get into a situation you can’t handle!) far outweighs the uncertainty you might be feeling now.

Here are a few photos and a bit of info on how the day goes.

Driving Clinic - Alberta Carriage Supply

We start on the ground, with the basics:

Imagine yourself as a horse. Well, not EXACTLY a horse, but LIKE a horse. We like to start by giving people a first-hand understanding of what the horse feels when you have the lines in your hands and are asking them to go in one direction of another.

Having a better appreciation of what it’s like to respond to the lines, it’s time you learn about harness, how it should fit (don’t worry, we don’t make you wear that!) and then it’s outside for the fun stuff. 

You get hands-on instruction and practice harnessing the horses. Have we mentioned they’re big? And gentle. But even if you’re petite, it can be done. The trick to getting the harness on the animals (it may take a few attempts at first) is a teamster secret. So you’ll have to come to the Clinic to learn how it’s done efficiently and safely… 

You also learn how to “ground drive” the team, to learn the feel of the lines in your hands and how they respond to you. Our competent instructors have your and the horse’s safety in mind at all times, so we want to make sure you’re comfortable with them before we teach you to hook to a wagon or a piece of equipment.

Driving Clinic - Alberta Carriage Supply

Then it’s time to really have fun. You get to hitch up and go for a drive! 

At the end of a great day, you can say you’ve learned something new, had an exhilarating drive where you’re in control, met some fantastic new people, and spent the day outside. And you’ll go home wondering why you were so hesitant in the first place!

The details:

  • Our driving clinic are scheduled each year in May
  • We provide the horses
  • Full-day of instruction and lunch
  • First come, first served until we reach capacity

"This Saturday, I spent the day with Terry, Dale, and Trisha participating in a clinic about hitching horses. Although I don’t have my own horses YET, this gave me confidence in my abilities that someday when I do, I will be able to do it! They were friendly, funny, and patient with us beginners. Terry and Dale are very knowledgable and really care about making sure safety is number one for not just the people involved but also for the horses. After joining them for harvest earlier in the season, they still remembered me and really make you feel like one of their own. I will be joining them for their events in the future to be sure. Thank you for your hospitality, knowledge, and generosity!" 

– Tanilla Doyle


"We had so much fun at the driving clinic and feel so much more confident! Thank you so much for an amazing day!"

 – Jolene Argent

The skills we cover:

  • How to harness and hook up singles and team 
  • How to drive singles and team
  • Principles on driving safety
  • How to hook to carriage and wagon

These courses are in demand and we usually sell out.

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