Harness Hook – Cast Iron

SKU: 794775092383

Everything In Its Place and a Place For Everything…

Keep Your Harness and Horse-Drawn Equipment Clean and Organized.

  • Cast Iron Hook with easy-to-install holes to secure it to the wall
  • Strong and Durable to Hold Even the heaviest of Tack
  • Easy to clean
Size/Weight: 8”

$21.95 CAD

Tired of walking around and over equipment on the tack room floor? Have you tripped over your harness one too many times? 

Did you miss damage to your equipment because you couldn’t see it properly? 

We hear you. Not only is it unsafe, but your harness becomes a tangled mess, and it’s dirty to boot. 

Let us help you better organize your space. 

We have an easy, minimalist approach to harness and collar storage. These large, heavy-duty harness hooks make storing (and cleaning) your harness and collars simple, easy and efficient. 

Never have to say the four-letter word (DIRT) again…