Trace Converter – Chain to Slot End

SKU: 794775092468

Stop Being Limited By Your Trace Ends On Your Harness.

Convert The Heel Chain On Your Draft Style Harness To Slotted Traces With This Converter.

  • Adapts your Heel Chain to Slot End traces
  • Easily adapt your harness to the Singletree
  • Quick to install and remove so you can swap vehicles
  • Durable stainless steel clip
  • Strong leather straps

$34.99 CAD

Trace converters let you hitch to a myriad of Singletree types, giving you freedom to hitch to (virtually) any vehicle without being limited by your harness traces.

This Trace Converter literally snaps into the links of a Heel Chain, converting it to Slot Traces/Tugs. Sold as a pair.

Many drivers think they need to match their Singletree ends to the type of tugs/traces on their Harness. This is one way to go about it.

Or, to save grief and expense, use a pair of Trace Converters!

The Chain-to-Slot End Trace Converter adapts (you guessed it) your Heel Chain to a Slotted End.

Just clip the snap of the Trace Converter to your Heel Chain and voilà!

It’s that easy.