8-Piece Great Grip Grooming Set


All you need to keep your horse “show ready”. Everything you need to get your groom on!

This Grooming Set includes seven ergonomically designed grooming tools and a handy nylon tote. The tote comes with a clip so you can attach it to keep it within easy reach. The nylon material ensures you can keep the bag - and your tools - clean and tidy with a quick rinse. Tools included: Stiff brush, soft brush, hoof pick, cone tooth curry, comb, mane and tail brush, and a sweat scraper.

  • Easy-to-clean Nylon grooming tote
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Bumps for comfortable grip
  • Includes 7 common grooming tools
Color: Blue
Image of 8-Piece Great Grip Grooming Set
Image of 8-Piece Great Grip Grooming Set

$61.88 CAD

This 8-piece Grooming Kit keeps your essential tools organized, within easy reach AND easy to clean. The Kit includes a Nylon tote and 7 most needed tools.