Novelty Fly Mask Horse

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Serious Protection Doesn’t Have To Be Boring! This Fly Mask, With Your Choice Of Fun Design, Gives Your Horse Important UV and Insect Protection But Has A Playful Attitude.

  • Fun printed design
  • Protects the eyes and face from UV rays & insects
  • Won't obstruct horse's vision
  • "Quick Grip" closure under the jaw
  • Soft edging to prevent rubbing
Color: Lady Bug
Lady Bug
Goofy Eyes

$39.00 CAD

This fun Novelty Fly Mask helps protect your horse’s face and eyes from harmful UV rays and pesky biting insects!

The darted design keeps the mask up and off of the eyes, and the durable PVC mesh doesn’t obstruct vision.

The “Quick Grip” closure under the jaw creates a secure fit. Complete with soft fleece edging for extra comfort.

Nose: 30",

Throat: 40"-47",

Front Length: 16"