Center Line Drop – Flower Spotted Heart

SKU: 794775092369

When you want safety AND a bit of style when driving your team…

The Center Line Drop helps prevent your lines from catching under the Neck Yoke. The shiny spotting adds a fun bit of detail with a heart shape.

  • Easy-to-clean American-made BioThane
  • Fits all harness lines from Draft to Light Horse
  • Durable stainless steel ring
  • Shiny silver spotting in a heart-shaped pattern gives it an interesting feature to help you stand out

$48.95 CAD

Used when driving a team of horses, the cross-check lines go through the ring of your line drop, helping to prevent your lines from catching under the neck yoke.

Why not add a bit of personalization? Not only useful in keeping you and your horse safe, the stylish line drop also gives your harness a fun accent that allows your team to stand out.

Made from black BioThane, these line drops are easy to clean and have a glossy finish for a sleek look. The stainless steel ring and the reinforced heart-shaped pattern of metal studs around the edge add to their durability.