Forecart Draft Horse Pole (Tongue)

SKU: 794775093120

When Driving an ACS Forecart with a Team of Horses, a Pole (Tongue) is an Essential Piece of Equipment.

  • Made of durable steel
  • Has an attached Safety Tongue Cap (safety stop), which helps prevent the Neck Yoke from slipping off the end of the Pole
  • Draft size has an extra position for hooking 4 wide hitches to your ACS Forecart
Horse Size: Draft Horse

$250.00 CAD

To drive our ACS Forecart with a team of horses, a Pole (also called a Tongue) is necessary.

The Pole helps your team turn and stop the vehicle.

*Note Poles are sold separately from our Forecart. Please order at the same time as purchasing the Forecart. They will be shipped at the same time.

If purchasing a Pole for vehicles other than the ACS Forecart (wagons or buggies), modification is required.

Draft Horse - pin to neck yoke stop 120”

Light Horse - pin to neck yoke stop 112”