Forecart Single Horse Shafts

SKU: 794775093137

Easily and Quickly Connect Your Single Draft or Horse To Your ACS Forecart with These Metal Shafts.

  • Made of durable steel
  • Easy to use
  • Height adjustable to fit most Light or Draft horses
  • Holdback Straps are included
  • Shaft Adapter is included
  • Single tree included
Horse Size: Light Horse

$565.00 CAD

Shafts are the go-to when hooking up a single horse for driving or working with the ACS Forecart.

Our shafts easily connect to your single Light or Draft horse to pull our 2-wheeled (Forecart).

Because our Shafts are height-adjustable, they fit almost any breed of horse.

*Note Included with the Shafts are an ACS Singletree (36”) and Holdback Straps.

Width 32”
Overall length 76”

Width 36”
Overall length 89.5”