Miniature Royal Show Single Harness (Breast Style)

SKU: 794775094134

This Show-Stopping Silver Royal Miniature Show Harness Will Have People Stopping To Stare. Red Edge Trim And Patent Leather Accents Give This Beautiful Harness A Stylish Look. And The Natural Leather Delivers Durability And Strength.

  • Stylish accents include rolled leather, red edge trim and patent leather
  • Black American-Made BioThane driving lines 
  • Adjustable at all points to fit most miniature horses
  • Adjustable blinders

$499.95 CAD

A beautiful, hand-crafted show harness expertly designed to fit the miniature horse. Rolled leather accents, red edge trim and patent leather in all the key places really shows this harness off.

The bridle features box cheeks, cavesson, buckle bit ends, overcheck and adjustable binders.

The Breast Collar design shows off your mini’s neck, complete with Martingale. Surcingle back pad in narrow design with cart loops and crupper.

Horse Size Measuring Guide

To measure a horse, you should make sure they are standing on an even surface and measure from the ground directly up to the highest point on their withers (A), as shown on the image below as a reference.

Mini Cart
Up to 39" (at withers)

Pleasure Cart
60" and up (at withers)

Weight 99 lbs
Body Width  26” 
Shaft Length  48”

Weight 158 lbs
Body Width  32”
Shaft Length  54” - 64”

Light Horse
Weight  140 lbs
Body Width  32”
Shaft Length  78” - 84”’