Sleigh Bells

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Make Every Horse-drawn Ride A Special Occasion With The ACS Sleigh Bells. Whether It’s The Classic Winter Wonderland Sleigh Ride Or A Beautiful Summer Day Wedding, Sleigh Bells Are Always A Magical Musical Sound.

  • Shiny Nickel-plated bells provide a musical accompaniment to every ride
  • Easy-to-clean American-made BioThane
  • Easy on-off: Buckles allow you to attach the Bells to your horse’s Harness quickly and easily
  • Available in both Draft and Light Horse sizes
Size: Light Horse

$54.99 CAD

What completes the perfect Holiday sleigh ride ambiance? Romance? A bottle of that special bubbly? The joyful laughter of children, caught up in the moment?

Yes to all those things.

AND who can forget the unmistakable music of sleigh bells, of course, especially during a ride on a crisp & cold winter’s night?

While the most common occasion for Sleigh Bell sounds is a winter wonderland, we encourage you to break them out at other special occasions, too!

Captivate your audience in nostalgia and whisk their imaginations away during parades, weddings or any occasion that calls for something out of the ordinary.

We have sizes in stock for horses and drafts.

Available in Horse Size: 6’4” long x 7/8” wide glossy black Biothane strap with 20 light, tinkling nickel-plated bells

Draft Size: 8’9” long x 1” wide glossy black Biothane strap with 24 deep, resonant nickel-plated bells