Wood Neck Yoke with Ring

SKU: 794775092512

Team Draft-Style Wood Neck Yoke Stops and Steers Any Vehicle With A Pole (Tongue).

  • Made from strong hardwood, making it more durable
  • Lighter and quieter than metal
  • Forged metal ring (4”) easily and securely attaches to the pole
Size: 42"

$129.95 CAD

Have the peace of mind that you’re driving your team of horses safely and securely. Connect them together with a high-quality Wood Neck Yoke.

The Neck Yoke essentially serves as your brakes. It connects two horses at the front while also linking them to the pole attached to your equipment, whether that is a Forecart, Wagon or any other piece of equipment with a pole (tongue).

Made from hardwood. Lighter and quieter than metal.